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It Never Starts With a Kiss – After An Affair – Part 1

Thought This Was Worthy of a Re-Post

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Marital affairs are one of life’s most painful experiences.  Once discovered, the betrayal and broken trust cause excruciating pain, intense suffering and acute sadness for everyone involved. 

So why do so many people have an affair?

Authors Harley and Chalmers of ‘Surviving An Affair’ suggest that ‘infidelity doesn’t necessarily develop out of a bankrupt system of moral values.  Instead, personal values change to accommodate the affair.’1  I couldn’t agree more.  Affairs never start with a kiss. They start the minute you allow your heart to cross ‘the line’.

Affairs exist in a dangerous but breathtaking landscape combined with secrecy (which has the power to heighten any experience), emotions (which can’t be trusted on the best of days) and delusional thinking (it could never happen to me), so walking close to ‘the line’ is like playing Frisbee on a cliff.  It’s not long before a wrong decision and a…

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