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Living Life in the Light of Values

My daughter gave me a ‘goals’ book for Christmas. Initially I was very excited and started working on it right away. It has now been 25 days since we rang in the new year (and celebrated my daughter’s 21st birthday) and I am still working on understanding my core values; the starting point to defining goals.

Why does understanding my values seem so challenging? Perhaps it’s not the exercise itself that’s troublesome, but rather the fear that if I expose myself, even privately by writing my thoughts into a journal, my conscience will bother me until I align my time with what I say I value. Ouch.

Thoughts from the book.
Values govern how you act and how you feel. They are things that you do or find meaningful in your life. When living your values you feel most like yourself and ‘in the flow’, connected, excited, glowing, effortless.

Take some time to consider what you appreciate about yourself, what you admire in others, and what your top values are. Then ask yourself these questions.
1) Why are these values important to you?
2) How do you feel about yourself when you are living out these values?
3) How do you feel about yourself when you are not living out these values?
4) What additional words line up with your values?

ie: Adventure, Discovery, Community, Education, Beauty, Fun, Inspiration, Entertainment, Creativity, Contribution, Fitness, Leading, Achievement, Family, Organizing, Health, Connecting, Friends, The Unknown, Environment, Change, Learning, Safety, Comfort, Challenge

(Here’s the ouch once again.) What changes do you need to make in your life to express your values more often? (ie: If I value relationships, I will need to alter my schedule to accommodate the important people in my life.)

The more we align our time with the values of our heart, the more intentional/purposeful our life becomes which ultimately leads to more satisfied living.