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The Trouble with Money….

(an excerpt from my on-line course “Say I Do, Body, Soul, Spirit’)

As I work to help couples resolve their conflicts, the top three presenting issues, consistently and repeatedly revolve around sex, communication and finances. (As an FYI, the title of my master’s thesis was “Naked and Unashamed; Breaking Barriers Associated With Marital Sex.)

Insurance, government and bank statistics reveal that the majority of people do not have control over their finances. Temptation, ignorance and negligence usually contribute to financial pressure. By simply focusing on the situation, understanding a few principles and establishing a good framework, finances can come under control quite easily, offering greater marital stability while increasing the probability that you will enjoy the life you’re working for.

Eight Basics For Financial Stability

1 )  Make a budget and keep it.

2 )  Keep a record of expenses.

3 )  Save even while paying debt.

4 )  Use credit cards only if you pay the full balance each month before interest is applied.

5 )  Tithe.

6 )  Make a will.

7 )  Keep financial records safe and in order.

8 )  Learn about laws on family benefits.

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‘I Say a Little Prayer for You’

The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you……..

From the time our daughters were toddlers, my husband would wake them up every morning by singing ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’ by Dione Warwick. The girls loved it! Since, we’ve adopted this song as our family theme (that usually becomes a ridiculous, but heartfelt group performance whenever we’re all together).

As our girls have now begun to venture from the nest, ‘I say a little prayer for you’ has taken on a whole new meaning. That’s because I’ve realized my prayers can go where I cannot.

Prayer has the ability to transcend time and distance. We can see the affect of prayer with our very eyes, as evidenced through miracles and changes in our circumstances, but it is also highly effective in ways beyond our comprehension in realms and dimensions we may never tangibly experience. That’s because prayer connects to God who knows no limits. Therefore, our prayers can be effective in ways and places we cannot.

I remember a situation many years ago that highlighted for me the importance of ‘saying a little prayer’, and trusting God to meet a need beyond my ability.

One day, when we lived in the city of London, I decided to walk to the nearby grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for supper. As I waited to cross the busy street, a young boy appeared beside me. He immediately began talking about how convenient the school was since he moved in with his dad. Then without hesitation, he blurted out how incredibly relieved he was to be out of his mothers house, because “she treated me like dirt”.

The light turned green and we began to walk in different directions. Suddenly, my heart began to ache and my stomach wrenched. It was as though I felt the pain of his mother’s hurtful words that assaulted him day after day. I wanted to comfort him, but there was little I could do as he continued on his way. Finally I called out to him, “Hey….it was nice talking to you. I truly hope you have a good day.” My words seemed pathetic. Inside, my mind was shouting out to him “You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I hope you can find the strength in your heart to forgive your mother and carry on confidently through life.”

That’s when the thought came to me that prayer could go where I could not. With a quick little plea to an ever watchful God, my heart eased.

Whether it be for random situations as this, or for your own children, family or challenging circumstances, when you say a little prayer, believe! You have just opened doors of possibilities beyond your natural boundaries.

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Here’s To The Process!

‘Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to wife and the two shall become one flesh.’

Very often these words from Genesis 2:24 are quoted during wedding ceremonies as a lovely expectation for the loving new couple. While leaving his father and mother and joining to a wife seems simple enough, time and again, becoming one flesh ends up being a arduous marital task with the husband bewildered and the wife bemused as to why that didn’t happen during the consummation of the marriage!

I’m so very thankful for the little words in the bible that illuminate the big phrases. In this case, the little word is ‘shall’ and means ‘a foretelling of something to happen in the future’. Wow….what a relief! Becoming one flesh is a process that happens over time.

It takes time to get into the thoughts, ideas and plans of your spouse. It takes time to appreciate another person’s values and make the necessary adjustments in your daily routines to accommodate them. The process of becoming one flesh doesn’t happen instantaneously, but rather by trial and error. Yup, trial and error! In marriage, learning what to do to become one flesh often occurs by learning what not to do. It’s a process that is rife with mistakes, hurt, disappointment and failure. It’s also a process full of rewards.

So here’s to the process. Take time. Be patient. Be forgiving. Your marriage is worth it!