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If My Finite Mind Could Grasp The Infinite…..

I’m in the middle of receiving by email ‘100 Portraits of Perseverance’; one Portrait has been arriving via my inbox, each day for the past few months. Here’s my paraphrased thoughts of one I read this morning.

If my finite mind could grasp the infinite, then the infinite would be finite.

God is so much greater than my understanding. His ways go beyond the probe of my mind and those of the earth’s satellites. His thoughts are higher than the utmost reach of my questing. His mysteries escape the boundaries of the heavens, His majesty extends beyond my most daring imagination. I cannot grasp even a whisper of His wonder. He holds the stars and galaxies on their unerring courses, yet considers my frail and finite life. The universe and all it contains are constantly in His care…… simultaneously.

If I dare to limit God to my understanding, I risk losing the assurance of His total and unending sovereignty in my life.