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A Perennial Attitude

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The last few weeks have been a bit rough. I feel like my attitude has been under reconstruction, (again). So what I normally do when I get stressed, is get outside and try to enjoy nature. Thankfully the weather has been remarkable this spring and I have been able to do some digging in my garden. Perhaps that’s why these words ‘have a perennial attitude’ have been ringing in my ears.

So today, I actually took the time to consider what having a ‘perennial attitude’ might mean. Here’s a few facts I discovered about perennials.

  • Perennials grow year after year.
  • Perennials bloom even when conditions are not favorable.
  • Perennials have a root system that does not die at the end of the blooming cycle.
  • Perennials will thrive again after pruning.
  • Perennials multiply themselves.

Alright then, remain constant, keep growing even in unfavorable conditions, put your roots down and new life will come. A Perennial Attitude!

Author: Elaine Olson

Elaine effectively counsels in the area of marriage and family, with specialization in anxiety and stress, decision-making and young adult concerns. Elaine uses a variety of counseling therapies to meet the specific needs of each client. Her insightful approach to life challenges the three-part makeup of humanity, to ensure total wellness, physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. She is a strong advocate for women, taking a lead role to pioneer many innovative support programs for women around the world.

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