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A Friend Sent Me This Today….

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“When sorrow and tragedy strike, and we are tempted to ask those close to us, “Where is God? Why does He not come to me?” Stop and think a minute… What if this nearby friend happens to be God?

If God at times draws near us through the beauty and wonder of nature, how much more can He draw near through our friends? If He speaks to us through the tones of the wind and the murmuring of the sea, how much clearer can he speak to us through the vibrant voices of our friends?

One of the great Greek words of the New Testament is Koinonia, translated “fellowship.” It is a word packed with meaning, used to express the most intimate kinds of human friendships. It expresses one of the richest heritages and experiences we can have in life. To have true friends. It is a special gift of God to each of us.

Acts 2:42 tells us that the New Testament church “devoted themselves to fellowship”. They did not merely have friends; they “devoted” themselves to friendship. It was not a luxury; it was a necessity. It was a bond, a spiritual community. It was sharing together in joint partnership, the joys and challenges of life. They needed each other and were sustained by the supportive and affirming friendships of each other.”

Today as I read this…..I am so thankful for the love and devotion I have experienced through my friends. I also ask God for the ability to be a faithful friend to others in their times of need.

Author: Elaine Olson

Elaine effectively counsels in the area of marriage and family, with specialization in anxiety and stress, decision-making and young adult concerns. Elaine uses a variety of counseling therapies to meet the specific needs of each client. Her insightful approach to life challenges the three-part makeup of humanity, to ensure total wellness, physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. She is a strong advocate for women, taking a lead role to pioneer many innovative support programs for women around the world.

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