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A Bunny Story….Might be Appropriate Timing

We came home from our 25th anniversary celebration trip 6 weeks ago to find that our daughter’s welcomed a new member into our family. A GIANT Norwegian rabbit! (Yup, if you Google ‘Giant Norwegian Rabbit’ and scan the images, you’ll see the size of what we now have living in our basement.)

So….yesterday, being the beautiful spring day it was in southern Ontario, I decided to get out a lawn chair and sit out on the patio. Feeling a little benevolent towards our fluffy friend, I brought her out to join me. To my total surprise, she was petrified by the experience. (She’s never been outside come to think of it.) I watched her crouch down as low as she could get, her eyes wide and shaking with fear. When I kneeled down beside her to offer comfort, she leapt into my lap, almost knocking me over! (She’s no small bunny, her mother was 18lbs!) After soothing her for several minutes, I tried setting her down again, only to have her scurry under my chair and eventually hop back into the house, down the stairs and into her dark corner of the basement.

‘Interestingly sad’, I thought. Our bunny’s reaction forced me to consider how easily we become accustomed to living in the dark and how the old and familiar, even though lacking in many ways, can be more comfortable than risking the new.

With the celebration of Easter this weekend and the new life it represents in many ways, I hope my bunny story will cause some reflection (even if fleeting) about your comfort zones and whether or not the risk of something new might be worth it.

PS: Since we’re talking about risking something new, does anyone want a pet rabbit? (she’s litter trained…..comes with a cage…..is quite beautiful…..doesn’t make noise….your kids would think it’s the best Easter Bunny ever…..)

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You Might Learn Something New

I just returned home after five days in Lethbridge, Alberta recording for the Miracle Channel http://www.miraclechannel.ca. I am incredibly blessed by the people I rubbed shoulders with on set! First of all, it’s always a good time on the Miracle Channel with Fred and Val Bennett and all the staff and volunteers that make that place humm! With a new CEO, Pastor Leon Fontaine from Springs Church http://www.springschurch.com I think the channel is onto something new with greater potential than ever before.
It was a tremendous pleasure to sit next to and reacquaint with other friends of the Miracle Channel who are doing wonderful things in this nation!!! Anthony Greco from Calgary Life Church http://www.calgarylifechurch.com , John and Helen Burns from Relate church in Vancouver http://www.familyvictory.com/ministries/vancouver.html and James Goll from http://www.encountersnetwork.com
Watch for my interview on The Bridge program coming soon, you might learn something new about communicating with your spouse!