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It’s that crazy!

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Interesting how technology works…..or doesn’t!
Since my last blog, I have tried several times per week to log on and share my thoughts, unsuccessfully. So this week, I decided to get to the bottom of the problem and guess what? When I tried to log in today, it worked the first time! It actually caught me off guard with nothing to say! Isn’t that crazy!

Hope your technology troubles work themselves out today too!

Author: Elaine Olson

Elaine effectively counsels in the area of marriage and family, with specialization in anxiety and stress, decision-making and young adult concerns. Elaine uses a variety of counseling therapies to meet the specific needs of each client. Her insightful approach to life challenges the three-part makeup of humanity, to ensure total wellness, physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. She is a strong advocate for women, taking a lead role to pioneer many innovative support programs for women around the world.

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